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We provide qualified and experienced support along with quality accommodation


Keystones Mental Health Support Services offer a full package of care, therapy and support combined with quality accommodation in the Bristol area to adults with mental health needs.

We work to keep people well when living in the community through a planned and comprehensive care package which takes a holistic approach to each individuals needs. We emphasis the recovery model, which focuses on each individuals genuine capability for progress and growth by uncovering what a person can do, what they truly want to achieve and how they can do this.

At Keystones, service users are supported by very experienced and qualified staff, working on a one to one and a group basis.  Our mental health workers and therapists concentrate on supporting service users with building resilience, finding strategies for dealing with their experiences together with developing skills, personal independence, wellbeing and positivity.  Also imperative to our client group is relapse prevention, minimising hospital stays through early intervention and creatively breaking any cyclic pattern which may be experienced.

We work on personal skills and emotional development, both of which are vital to wellbeing and growth.  Progress, aspirations along with changing needs are frequently assessed through worksheets, day to day planners and ongoing tailored reviews.

Through methods of positive reinforcement, motivation, inspiration, fun and self-determination service users are encouraged to reach their full potential.

Fundamental to Keystones philosophy;

- positivity   – participation   – empowerment  – self awareness

- inclusion   - creativity   – choice   – contentment

Facilitating move on is a major part of our work at Keystones and we continue to successfully move on a high percentage of service users every year, either to our own move on flats, the CSA scheme or private tenancies, this forming a significant part of the mental health workers role.


Keyworkers and individual service users work together to agree individual weekly planners and worksheets which focus on the specific needs identified in the care plan and ongoing tailoured internal reviews.

Support staff provide one to one hours, group work and therapies throughout the day, Monday - Friday with floating support during weekends and bank holidays for medication and general mental health monitoring.  A 24 hr emergency care line is available, plus evening security visits. There is also an additional security call-out provision for rare security emergencies.

To meet the needs of some service users Keystones can consider outreach support at a reduced care package.

Service Aims

  • Working in line with the recovery model
  • Providing quality care by skilled & highly qualified staff
  • Providing therapy services
  • Maximising Independence and skills
  • Promoting recovery and social inclusion
  • Focusing on successful move-on and being cost effective 

Recovery process

There is no single definition of the concept of recovery for people with mental health issues, but the guiding principle is hope – the belief that it is possible for someone to gain a meaningful life, despite experiencing serious mental health challenges. At Keystones the recovery journey is seen more as a process, outlook, vision, or guiding principle to our ethos and work with service users.  We work towards;

  • providing a holistic view of mental illness that focuses positively on the person, not just their symptoms
  • the team believes recovery from severe mental illness is possible 
  • through regular review we highlight that recovery is a journey rather than a destination 
  • it does not necessarily mean getting back to where you were before 
  • optimism, positivity and commitment from all concerned 
  • acknowledging that the process is profoundly influenced by people’s expectations and attitudes 
  • acknowledging it requires a well organised system of support from service staff, outside professionals and also family and friends.
  • Understanding the importance of embracing new and innovative ways of working.
  • Understanding the importance of therapy to get to the depths or source of experiences

We aim to help people with mental health problems to look beyond mere survival and existence and encourage individuals to move forward, set new goals, engage in activities and develop relationships that give their lives meaning.

We also believe in seeing beyond a person’s mental health problems, recognising and fostering their abilities, interests and even dreams. Mental illness and social attitudes to mental illness often impose limits on people experiencing ill health, often resulting in health professionals, friends and families being overly protective or pessimistic about what someone with a mental health problem will be able to achieve. At Keystones the process is about looking beyond those limits to help people achieve their own goals and aspirations.
We hope the placement is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.  Experiences of mental illness can provide opportunities for change, reflection and we hope that with great staff support the emergence of new values, skills and interests.

Research has found the following to be important factors on the road to recovery;

  • good relationships
  • financial security
  • satisfying work, be it paid or voluntary
  • personal growth
  • the right living environment
  • developing one’s own cultural or spiritual perspectives
  • developing resilience to possible adversity to stress in the future

…. at Keystones staff work specifically on these areas either during one to one support time, group work or therapy sessions.

 Further factors highlighted by people as supporting them on their recovery journey include: 

  • being believed in
  • being listened to and understood
  • supportively exploring reasons for problems or experiences
  • having full support during periods of crisis
  • encouragement to develop skills and support in achieving their goals.

…. at Keystones this approach is central 

At Keystones we also use the Recovery Star...

In brief this is tool for people using our services to enable them to measure their own recovery progress, with the help of their key-worker. The 'star' contains ten areas covering the main aspects of people's lives, including living skills, relationships, work and self-esteem. Through regular reviews with the key-worker service users set their personal goals and measure over time how far they are progressing towards these. This can help them identify their goals and what support they need to reach them, and help ensure they are making progress, however gradual, which in itself can encourage hope.  These stars along with ongoing internal care reviews can be shared with social workers or care coordinators to allow a broader understanding.


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